1. Government of Nepal accepted and adopted the National Tea Policy-2000 on 9th November 2002 which is a mile stone in the Tea development history of Nepal.
  2. Government of Nepal has accepted & adopted national Coffee Policy 2003.
  3. Government of Nepal has declared 15th Baishakh of Nepali calendar, which generally falls on last week of April, as National Tea day. Similarly, 1st Mangsir, which falls on mid-November, has been declared as National Coffee Day.
  4. In order to create different identity of Nepal Tea and Coffee in the international market, NTCDB has developed national emblems for Tea and Coffee.
  5. NTCDB, in co-ordination with Department of Postal Service and National Philatelic Bureau, has published postage stamp of Tea scenario and the symbol of National Tea Logo worth Rs 25.
  6. The Fourth Asia International Tea Conference took place in Kathmandu with a slogan of "Tea in Asia - a vision of 2010" on 6th & 7th October 1999, which was participated by the representatives from Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Japan and Russia. Nepal got a glory to be introduced as a quality Tea producing country in the world.
  7. Nepal Tea Festival London-2002 has been celebrated on 21st to 26th July 2002. NTCDB has provided the necessary support to promote the export market of Nepal Tea in Europe. The program was jointly organized by National Tea & Coffee Development Board and Nepal Pavilion Company.
  8. Nepal became a member of International Tea Committee (ITC) in 2007 and International Coffee Organization (ICO) in 2017.
  9. With the slogan of "Discovering hidden treasure ..." NTCDB organised 3rd International Tea Festival, 2018 during April 6-8 which was participated by international tea delegates from 13 countries. Tea tasting on the top of the world, at Syangboche of Mt. Everest region was the major highlight of the festival.